Aug 11

Hawaii is Always In A State of Unpreparedness

A quick recap of last week’s double hurricane escapade:

1) The entire population of Hawaii realized how serious these two hurricanes were about 3 days before landfall was predicted, prompting everyone to buy out the entire states resources of bottled water within a matter of hours to days. TIP: the next time we get a disaster coming, fill up your bottles and containers with the tap water you got coming out of your faucets. This way you’d avoid the mad rush and super long lines and save $$$.

2)The only thing reliable about the people of Hawaii in times of pending disasters is their consistency and predictability of 100% being unprepared at any given moment of any and all disasters. It has not only been proven but experienced time and time again never missing a beat. TIP: People, stop waiting for the last minute because everyone else is doing and thinking the same as you. If you are never prepared for anything, I strongly suggest you start reevaluating a few priorities when it comes to natural disasters and having an emergency plan in place for you and your family at all times. Have a plan, emergency supplies, food, water, etc. Have these as part of that emergency preparedness plan for your family in place, in the event that anything can and will happen at least you’ll have some needs met where others have failed to meet all their emergency needs. And this is what I see every time we have a pending disaster heading our way. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, don’t fail your family on this one because next time it could be a life or death situation, don’t set yourself up for this.

3) Just because you went out and got 3-5 cases of water does not mean you’re all “G” when it comes to disasters. If there is a power outage you may be looking at longer periods of going without much needed necessities and each person needs 1 gallon of water per day which only covers drinking. It does not cover cleaning, cooking, pets, washing, etc. you’re going to need a lot more than 3-5 cases of water. TIP: Utilize the resources that you have at hand, your own water faucet. Fill up on all those empty containers and bottles at home, you’ll save some dollars here and headaches of standing in long lines. Have at least some form of filtering your water in place as well. And don’t think, just because you bought beer and alcohol that’ll hold and pull you through it all because it will only make you more thirsty. Are you going to give your kids beer when there’s no water around?

On a grading scale all and all, Hawaii receives a BIG fat “F” for failing again in being prepared on all levels. The ONLY exceptions were those that were prepared on all fronts, and you know who you are. Kudos to all the prepper’s out there in the state of Hawaii! Keep up the great work, stay safe, be alert and keep on prepping!!!

Aug 06

Checklist: Being Prepared For A Hurricane


Here is a list of items to have ready before the storm strikes.
1) Bottled water, at least 3 gallons per person. Keep in mind that you will not only need water for drinking but cooking, cleaning, washing, for your pets, and any other thing that calls for the use of water. This means you will need a lot of water.
2) Canned foods, such as meats, vegetables, soups, etc. Make sure you have a manual can opener as well in the event there is no electricity.
3) Ice chest with ice is always good to have on hand to keep refrigerated items cold during a power outage. You could also make ice with the ice trays in your freezer and fill up milk cartons with water and freeze them before hand. Utilize your frozen food items as a backup ice pack plan as well.
4) Bleach for sterilization (unscented with Hypochlorite the only active ingredient). Also, tincture or iodine, or water purification tablets.
5) Water filter, have a way to filter water if you must filter your water.
6) Soap and detergent to keep clean and healthy as much as possible.
7)First aid kit, you should always have a first aid kit on hand fully stocked and updated at all times.
8) Prescription medicine, at least a two weeks supply.
9) Baby food, formula, and all items a baby needs to survive.
10) Toiletries, toilet paper
11) Flashlights, lanterns, batteries, battery operated radio
12) Cash (ATMs may not work after the storm)

Be prepared to evacuate with your pets. It is not safe for them to leave them behind. This is just a short basic list you can find a more comprehensive list here Please be safe everyone!

Jul 18

We Are In Hurricane Season Prepare Accordingly


Tropical depression Wali info


Keep your preps updated we are in hurricane season. Make sure batteries are fully stocked and not expired. Have your water storage checked and rotated if you have not done this by now or throughout the year. Rotate and restock your food storage. Have all prescriptions medications filled ahead of time. Keep your gas tanks full at all times if possible to avoid the gas station rush. Always have extra emergency cash on hand in the event there is a power outage and ATM’s, banks and anything needing electricity are shutdown for an unspecified amount of time. Go over emergency plans with your friends and family in the event you are all separated during a disaster. Don’t forget about your pets emergency needs as well, plan for their survival needs in the event a disaster strikes because they are a part of your family too. Keep updated to the latest news on weather and hurricane information. Always remember, when the need arises the time to prepare has passed.

Oct 12

Prepare For The Winds of Change

Created on Wednesday, 02 October 2013 02:55 By Aloha2U

Loss of jobs and furloughs Is what the American people have gotten out of a rogue government that has shutdown. The effects are felt far and wide across this once great nation of ours. Confidence has plummeted in what is left of this deteriorating country of ours. If you are just waking up now to the dysfunctional government it may be too late for you to prepare for what else may come our way.

I believe their is still hope for all but that hope will definitely come at a cost which by the way is playing out now. Preppers know the value of being prepared and even if you may not prep you can always start and what better time to start than now. Our world has become increasingly unstable by the day with the feeling of each minute of our lives. Most people have become distracted in their everyday lives with the latest technological gadgets, lifeless TV shows, football and sports games, materialistic things, and the list goes on and on. This is exactly how our government wants us to be “clueless” and sheep’s. They want us to be dependent on them at all costs and God forsake if you knew the REAL truth to how they actually operate behind closed doors.

Preparedness is a mindset and a lifestyle, it also prompts one to be like a radar in all directions. You need to be not only aware of your surroundings but also aware on a global scale of what is going on in this world that we all live in because everything affects everyone. Just because we live out in the middle of the Pacific ocean doesn’t mean that we are disconnected to the rest of the world that is far from the truth of the matter. Fukushima directly affects us in more ways than one. The Pacific ocean is literally ruined by all the radiation that has spewed out ever since and continues to do so and we are directly in it’s path.

You can’t lead a horse to water unless that same horse is well aware that it will not find water anytime soon or ever. The point is clear and simple prepare at all costs, do your homework and research things for yourself. Knowing how things are going and turning to are signs that prompt you to take the extra precautions and steps in preparing for any and every type of storm not just natural but manmade as well. You don’t have to spend a lump sum of money purchasing emergency goods, you do it one step at a time as all preppers have done. Make a list of things you’ll need for yourself and family and have a budget in place. Even if you buy an extra canned good to stock up on and put back is a good start. At first it can be overwhelming but as time goes on you will develop a system and routine.

Food Storage goes a long way, purchase items that you and your family normally eat on a regular basis like you would when you go grocery shopping just pick up an extra can of something and place it in your food storage pantry as backup. Same goes for water, first aid and medical items and don’t forget to prep for the pets too. Prepping is vast like the galaxy and you don’t need a lot of money to do it because you’re doing it in increments. Would you rather be without batteries when there is a power outage? Or without water when a water main breaks down the road? As prices climb with food due to high fuel costs and devastating weather wouldn’t you feel a lot better that you’ve purchased these items ahead of time at a lower cost? What if there was a strike across the board affecting all docks and shipments and suddenly you realized you needed toilet paper and you put off buying that item by just one day and just so happen that very day or the day before a strike occurred unleashing thousands rushing out to buy toilet paper and came to find there all sold out? Did you know that all grocery stores carry only 3-5 days worth of food?

What if you no longer had the ability to get your prescription drugs from the pharmacy because doctors decided to jump ship because of the government imposed policies upon medical insurance companies? All of these instances are very real and has happened time and time again. Would you rather be without or with? What if the banks shut down and declared bank holidays limiting you at the same time of how much of YOUR money that you can take out? What if there was an EMP attack and the electric grid shutdown how would you function with what you had in your wallet at that very moment? Do you think stores would accept credit cards or checks? Not if there’s no electricity to verify the funds being accessed by you. Cash would be the law of the land and you wouldn’t be able to purchase nothing without cash on hand. Although, cash has lost it’s value greatly, I believe it’s well below 50% now in value. Gold and silver will hold more purchasing power than ever and knowing how to barter will be the way to go.

Do you have skills? And I don’t mean computer skills or cashiering skills because without power for an unlimited amount of time you’re going to need skills to survive. First aid skills, gardening skills, hunting and firearm skills, self-defense skills, in short survival skills. These are the things that we all must be preparing for because our world has shown us that we have fallen short of what is coming and what is inevitable. Benjamin Franklin once said ” failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and his words has never been as true to this day as ever. Self-reliance is what it’s all about, don’t be a victim and NEVER rely on a government handout because you will be shortchanging yourself in the short run. Always remember, when the need arises the time to prepare has passed.

Sep 03

September is National Preparedness Month!

Been away from the keyboard for a wee bit long due to work, work, and more work with another dose of never ending work in the realms of society and preparedness life. Knowing that September happens to be the official month of preparedness, hopefully we have all been stepping up with our preps in an expedient fashion more so than ever these days.

Food storage

Remember to rotate canned goods items, and use the FIFO method. Which is first in first out. Purchase canned food items on sale and have a budget plan for all your preparedness items. Spend wisely because these days food prices have risen and are on a continual rise as seen through many economic articles and studies posted abound on the net. In short the great indication of Food prices rising is all around us and globally this will continue to rise that is why it is so important to have a food storage plan implemented in place for you and your families everyday living. Gardening is another awesome supplement to your food storage plan because you not only supply yourself with fresh organically grown foods that you could store by freezing, canning, and dehydrating but it gives you a sense of freedom from growing and harvesting your own foods and knowing that no GMO’s or pesticides were laced into these foods because you have instinctively grown them yourselves with that in mind and keeping it safe for your consumption-no hidden agendas or chemicals added that you know of.



Every living, breathing creature on earth needs water to survive. The rule of 3, you can’t live without air for 3 minutes, you can’t live without water for 3 days, and you can’t live without food for 3 weeks. This shows the importance of all three in it’s primary order. Storing water is a given, to me it’s automatic, no question whatsoever. How ever you store it be it bottled, containers, drums, tanks, just be sure to have some and know how to safely store water and preserve this precious commodity.


First Aid

I cannot express the tremendous importance of this one and how it connects to everything else here but it is BIG. Always have a FAK(first-aid kit) in the home and make it a point to also have another in the vehicle and in your locker at work. You never know when an emergency will strike and you want to be prepared at least to some degree wherever you may be because it can happen. It’s not a matter of “if” but when, and when an emergency arises you want to somewhat have something on or with you at all times. You can purchase a first-aid kit from a multitude of places or you could customize your own to tailor you and your family’s own needs which I prefer best for my own kits. Build your own FAK with these tips and idea’s to start you off with.



We all know the importance of shelter and how vital it is to keeping us not only out of the elements of harsh weather but also keeping our preps together and properly stored in a safe and secure environment that is not too hot or too cold. Personally, I’d rather have a cold environment to store my goods in because it would last longer, but to live in a cold environment 24-7 well I wouldn’t last to be truthful. We live in the tropics on an island so we deal with heat, humidity, and moisture which becomes killers for a lot of our food preps so storing becomes a bit more tricky and the shelf life on things are much shorter. So, if a bucket of stored emergency food says on it 20 years shelf life cut that in half and take out about 2 years to that as well and when you open the product it’s even shorter. So, yup, we’re looking at about 7-8 years tops on the shelf life of that bucket of food. But indeed shelter plays a major role as well in bugging out or bugging in(sheltering in place). Hurricanes would distinguish whether to shelter in place or leave to another shelter-all depends which way the winds will blow and what category that particular hurricane presents to us on all fronts of the island. Tsunami’s would do the same depending on how close to the coastline one lives and how much of an impact a particular earthquake made and where that earthquake happens to come from. A lot of stuff to think about folks. Here is a template of all the emergency shelters located across the state of Hawaii if ever needed in an emergency situation, let’s hope we never need to use one.


Let us all remember to prepare wisely and help assist others along the way but continue to prep vigilantly because the way of our world is worsening by each and every waking moment. Stay alert and abreast to everything globally and economically, keep in line and in step with God and Jesus(it’s best to have them on your side at all times). Do your homework and research all that is needed to be and stay knowledgeable for you and your family. Be safe and keep on prepping!

Jul 29

5pm Update: Flossie maintains strength with 60 mph winds

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) –
Tropical Storm Flossie has maintained strength as it inches closer to the islands. As of 5 p.m. Sunday, maximum sustained winds were 60 miles per hour, according to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu.

Forecasters said at 5 p.m., the storm was located about 310 miles east of Hilo, or 510 miles east of Honolulu. It was moving toward the west at 18 miles per hour.

The National Weather Service (NWS) continues to forecast possible torrential rainfall, thunder-storms and high winds from Tropical Storm (TS) Flossie.

TS Flossie Is projected to produce heavy rain and possible flash flooding and high winds.

TS Flossie is expected to impact Hawaii and Maui counties at about 6 a.m. on Monday, July 29, and at about 6 p.m. the same day for Honolulu and Kauai counties.

The NWS forecasts 6-10 inches of rain and potential sustained winds of 35-45 mph with gusts up to 60 mph in some parts of the state. High surf and some storm surge to coastal areas are predicted possibly earlier.

NWS has currently issued a Tropical Storm Warning for all islands except Kauai, which is currently under a Tropical Storm Watch. The entire state is currently under a Flash Flood Watch.

The State Civil Defense (SCD) has established an Operations Cell to more closely monitor events associated with TS Flossie, and will be fully activating the State Emergency Operations Center at 7 a.m. on Monday.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has pre-deployed an Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT), which arrived in Honolulu today. SCD continues to coordinate with federal, state, county and private partners in expectation of Tropical Storm Flossie.

Be alert to Flash Flood WARNINGS because flooding may occur rapidly and threaten life and property. State Civil Defense reminds residents and visitors to take appropriate precautions. Evaluate your family’s emergency plans and check your emergency kits.

Check your property for potential flooding. Be aware and inspect the “lay of the land” at your home and areas that you visit frequently. If the surrounding land is higher than your location, there is a risk of flooding. Check culverts and gutters on your house. Look for flow paths from previous landslides; this will provide a reasonable estimate of where mudslides and landslides are likely to occur in the future.

Keep in mind, this forecast can and likely will change over the next few days.
Here are some tips from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center when a hurricane or tropical storm threatens…
•Secure loose outdoor objects that might be blown away by high winds, and become flying debris.
•Boats should be moored securely, or moved to a designated safe area well before the storm arrives.
•Windows should be boarded up. Larger windows may be broken by wind pressure, while smaller windows are mainly damaged by wind driven debris.
•If evacuation is required, be sure to take your disaster supply kit when leaving for a designated shelter. Keep in mind that evacuation routes may become flooded or cut off, even before the full force of the tropical cyclone arrives.

Link to Hawaii News Now

May 31

If Your Preps Need To Be Shipped……

Living out in the middle of the Pacific ocean we all know how expensive it is to get things shipped here. Especially when Hawaii lacks preparedness businesses where you’d think we would have a great deal of them living out in the middle of the ocean. 80-90% of Hawaii’s commodities are flown and shipped in, all it would take is a shipyard strike here and or from the states or some other disruption in the shipping lines and we’d all be SOL. Not a very happy thought but a very real threat to all here.

Knowing these things we each have to find ways of harnessing preps the best inexpensive possible way that we can. By now I’m sure everyone’s done the Walmart-Longs-Don Quiote-Sam’s-Costco’s prep visits. And a lot more of us have done more than our fair share of online prep purchases but what makes online purchases costly is the shipping. If you got the funds go for it, but if you’re on a budget things can and will run pretty tight when it comes to adding preps to your everyday living expenses.

When purchasing items online ideally you want to find “free shipping” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free because they apply the shipping cost into the product cost. But what can you do? You just have to suck it up and roll with the punches. Fortunately Hawaii does happen to have one emergency preparedness store It is a great store and operated by a local family. The prices are high I must admit for many items but if you can afford it you can get a great deal of your prepping needs there. has a pretty good variety of freezedried foods that ships directly to your home. There is shipping and tax added to your order, so say if you ordered the 280 Total Servings Of Premium Freeze Dried Variety Food Storage Meat Pack which consists of 6 #10 cans of different meats your cost would be calculated below as:

Subtotal: $199.99
Shipping & Handling: $16.54
Tax: $10.20
Order Total: $226.73

Prices vary in what you purchase but you can also look into also has freezedried food, it’s a shame they don’t carry it in the stores here. I’ve noticed though that a lot of preparedness sites charge outrageous prices on shipping to Hawaii, and then there are the sites that don’t ship to Hawaii at all. Prepping in Hawaii is like a maze of sorts that we have to go through in order to get our preps, but at the same time you’re gonna need it. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Another prep item you might want to stock up on BEFORE the need arises that requires shipping is nuke tablets. Remember the Fukushima event? KI03 tablets were nowhere to be found across the land and internet. I have always stocked up on those tablets way before Fukushima and when KI03 supplies were later replenished I ordered and stocked up on more. It’s really unfortunate that we need to do alot of purchases online for preparedness items but what else can we do? Gotta do what you gotta do.

In summary, get your preps that need to be shipped ASAP you never know what each day will bring us disasterwise. Disasters and emergencies comes in many shapes and forms these days and we each need to be vigilant and 20 steps ahead of ourselves multi-tasking and preparing to be prepared. Always remain in a state of preparedness at all times.

Apr 20

Spring Cleaning, Spring Garden, and Spring Into Action

Spring cleaning happens to always be an ongoing project for me. When you think about it, wouldn’t you want your home to be in top shape in the event of any type of emergency disaster? What if there was a power outage how would you be able to use your washer or vacuum? And what if there was a water main that broke that left you without water to do the dishes or bathe? In a normal situation they can fix the breaks but what if an emergency arose and you came to find out that it won’t be fixed till who knows and for how long? It is important to get into the habit of having all your daily chores and duties at home done in a timely manner and to be consistent if not daily at least weekly. Make lists and organize things ahead of any storm this way you will be able to tackle cleaning duties while you still have time and the resources to do so. Simultaneously, you will be able to find loopholes in your preps and your organizing skills and what needs to be managed, changed, redone, and or eliminated. Spring cleaning should be a priority all year round not just at Spring time.


The same applies to your Spring gardening, keeping your garden trimmed and cleaned helps to eliminate unwanted bugs, rodents, and weeds. This will also help when you start your edible garden, as well as upkeeping garden chores will lessen the work for you when it comes to cleaning and keeping everything tidy as you allow yourself to have a consistent routine and system in the garden. Don’t let the jungle take hold of your yard or garden leaving you with more work to do when you could be concentrating on other things if you had only upkept things to begin with.


And last but not least if you have done all these things ahead of time you will be more than able to spring into action if and when an emergency does arise leaving ten less things to worry about. So execute a Spring cleaning plan that will trickle down to your Spring garden chores allowing you to spring into action at a moments notice if need be. Happy Spring!

Mar 11

Recyclables, Freebies, Info



Anyone who preps knows the importance of recycling and accessing freebies. A great majority of the items and products that we consume come in containers, boxes, cans, etc. But most people throw these much valueable containers away instead of finding creative and useful things to use them for. Some of these items are biodegradeable such as the paper towel and toilet paper rolls I use these to start my garden seeds in. As the seeds start to sprout I transfer the entire roll into the ground. I also reuse yogurt containers, milk cartons, egg cartons, water bottles, clear plastic drink cups, fresh fruit and vege clear containers, vitamin bottles to store seeds, mint containers, empty fruit/vege/pet food can as well. Utilizing my recycled trash not only cuts down on my waste but it saves me money that can be used elsewhere in my preps. You can pretty much turn alot of old items into something recyclable and put it to good use in some way, shape, or form. I even once grew some cantalope seeds in a sink strainer, that was really fun, and the seeds grew!


I keep the lint from the dryer to use as tinder and add all green and brown waste to my compost. Recycling your pets change of water to your plants is another great idea and saving seeds from your harvests goes a long way in savings. Theres so many things that you can do with a variety of recyclables it’s literally endless. Another great idea is “freebies”, and they are out there you just have to search them out. Starbucks has been offering free used coffee grounds for over six years. They have an ongoing recycling program to better help the environment and what better way to do it than by giving it away free to anyone for their garden. Coffee grounds are used to provide much needed nutrients to the soil, it also provides a healthy amount of nitrogen that poor soil needs, and it is an excellent slug deterrent. Don’t forget to look into Freecycle, It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. And membership is free! There’s also Craigslist where you can find some good deals and even groups or what ever you may be looking for. Craigslist is where I found my two missing/lost dogs that someone had posted when they found my pooches and took a picture and posted them over a year ago.


Pinterest, is another great site with fabulous ideas and pretty much anything that suits your fancy. I spend hours on Pinterest reading recipes and getting gardening ideas I just love that site! Theres just so many sites out their in netland that offer tons of info free to whatever you may be looking into. And, yes Youtube offers gazillion channels into every and anything preparedness and then some. Sootch00 is an excellent gun and gear reviewer if you got the time do check out his vids they are all informative. Also, don’t forget the CERT program a free emergency preparedness course, you learn alot and on the last day of training you receive a super awesome heavy duty backpack filled with emergency supplies that would cost on average $60-$100 if you went out to purchase this same backpack with all it’s fixin’s, the difference is this one will be free. Here’s the 2013 CERT training schedule. Preparedness is a way of life, it is not a passing trend, and definitely not a hobby. I have been doing this for years and have made it an integral part of my life, having grown to always be in an state of preparedness helps me to better help and understand others needs regarding preparedness. Everyone is at different levels of preparing and there are no right or wrong ways of doing it. I have learned a hundredfold from the American Preppers Network alone, and am continually learning it never ends. All the moderators and members to each state have a great wealth of infinite knowledge and know-how it’s just incredible! So with that said, if there are others in the Hawaii community that are willing and ready to step up to the plate and help others in skills or any other preparedness topics you are more than welcome to contact me via the Hawaii Preppers Network forum, there you may register and PM me. Interested in a meet-up? Let me know as well and maybe we can all brainstorm together and finally get something going. I have been waiting for years for Hawaii residents to hop on the preppers band wagon to get a meet-up going so let’s do it!



Feb 16

Bugs and Preps

One of the most difficult things about assuring your preps remain safe is keeping bugs out of items packed in boxes and containers.  This is where people typically store extra fabric, clothing, bedding, and a variety of other things.  Bugs love those things!  Heck, some bugs will even eat your boxes.

Climate and geography has a lot to do with what types of bugs you have to plan your preps around.  Moths eat your fabric.  Bedbugs eat you and can be dormant for years.  So can fleas.  It’s important to check your boxed (plastic and cardboard) for infestations.  Putting items in a plastic twist tie bag and then into a box does not guarantee  your preps are safe.  Don’t forget about the possibilities of rats, mice or other rodents.  If you find infestations in any boxed preps, deal with it immediately.  Find the source of the infestation and prevent them from returning. When it comes to infestation it is important to remember bugs are attracted to whatever they like to eat.  Wash what can be washed and discard that which can’t.


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