Dec 21

The Gift of Preparedness


Homemade gifts are the best!

This Christmas what better gift to give than one of preparedness. A few Christmas’s back I have given family members the 30 pack rolls of Costcos toilet paper, each member got a 30 pack. Another Christmas They’ve gotten from me the Dare to Prepare book from Holly Deyo. With each passing year Gifts from me would be categorized by themes such as comforters, books, sleepwear, etc. But every year I would focus on the aspect of “useful” items based on need steering clear of want. Anyone can buy what they want but no one really buys what they need and in terms of preparedness, no one really thinks of the much needed “necessities” beforehand. Unfortunately, my immediate family are not preppers therefore it is easy to shop for them at Christmas time. Each year they have no clue what they’ll be getting from me and ever since the toilet paper gift year I think they dread what next I’m going to wrap for them. With so many preparedness gift ideas and items moreso now than ever, I believe will be if not one of the most important gifts anyone could ever recieve. This year ten of the guys I work with will be getting from me survival bracelets, they understand the significance of these bracelets. Mostly preppers will get the bracelets. It is currently a trend but these bracelets goes well beyond that trend. So maybe this Christmas if you’re stumped on what to give, give the gift of preparedness.

Mele Kalikimaka Haouli makahiki Hou! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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  1. Robert

    Awesome idea!!

  2. Joshua Livengood

    Now that the holidays are over, I would like to know how your prepping gifts went over with your family? Did they use them right away or did they put them on a shelf with the intention of saving them? Or maybe they put them on a shelf to humor you? I wonder if their attitudes towards your prepping has changed over time?

    Joshua Livengood
    Daily Prepper News

  3. Darren

    Where can I find Seed Potatoes in Hawaii (Oahu)? Lowe’s used to sale them but I stopped by today and they no longer carry them.

  4. Joshua Livengood


    The nice thing about potatoes is that every bag you buy is a bag of see potatoes. Just look for the eyes and cut the potato into roughly equal portions around the eye. Plant them and there you go!

    The Daily Prepper News

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