Feb 16

Bugs and Preps

One of the most difficult things about assuring your preps remain safe is keeping bugs out of items packed in boxes and containers.  This is where people typically store extra fabric, clothing, bedding, and a variety of other things.  Bugs love those things!  Heck, some bugs will even eat your boxes.

Climate and geography has a lot to do with what types of bugs you have to plan your preps around.  Moths eat your fabric.  Bedbugs eat you and can be dormant for years.  So can fleas.  It’s important to check your boxed (plastic and cardboard) for infestations.  Putting items in a plastic twist tie bag and then into a box does not guarantee  your preps are safe.  Don’t forget about the possibilities of rats, mice or other rodents.  If you find infestations in any boxed preps, deal with it immediately.  Find the source of the infestation and prevent them from returning. When it comes to infestation it is important to remember bugs are attracted to whatever they like to eat.  Wash what can be washed and discard that which can’t.


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