Feb 08

Hawaii’s Economy is Better than Most

One would think that Hawaii is one of the few states less effected by the goings on of the contiguous 48 states.  However, if TSHTF the disruptions will be difficult at first.  There will be the initial cycle of death and destruction until the populous settles into life without shipments from around the world.  Unless of course the TSHTF only in the contiguous states.  Shipments could come from any where else in the world.

Will it return to life as it was “before”? Maybe with one exception.  Hawaii does have some sources of renewable energy.  Not enough to support everyone, but maybe enough to run schools and government offices.  That is a start.  That is until they need parts for repair of the equipment.  Will Hawaii change forms of currency to which ever country they find themselves doing the most business?

Hawaii is one of the few locations that start over without much upheaval if the society simply refuses to fall into lawlessness.  So, what will happen in Hawaii?  How will it be the same as the contiguous 48 and how will it be different?  In my mind, maybe Hawaii is the best place to be if there is a calamity in the U.S.  What do you think?


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  1. Darren

    You can’t get away from people in Hawaii like you could on the mainland. People will initially become mean and unstable until things settle down and the good folks band together. Fuel will be the biggest issue, no fuel, no electricity, no vehicles, Hawaii would be the last state the mainland would worry about. Alaska and the oil up there would be protected. The good thing we have going for Hawaii is the military is a large presence and may handle the civilian population, but that is not a good thing.

    1. Joshua Livengood


      You are so right. When I said “shipments from around the world” that would certainly include everything from oil to medicines. Hence the cycle of death and destruction as people clamor for the last of this or that.

      People won’t band together until they are forced to in order to survive. This, I think, is how it will the same as the contiguous states. How it will be different is as you said, Hawaii won’t be on the top of the list when it comes time. What Hawaii does have on the plus side is that other countries might be operating fine may begin doing business with them.


  2. Bailey

    To whoever wrote this article you sure do not know much about the state of Hawaii we are affected by the comings and going of the rest of the United Sates of America so to say that we the residents and the state of Hawaii is not affected is totally wrong if there is a transportation strike, budget crisis, earthquakes, anything else it affects us… If a major earthquake happens to both Asia and the United States at the same time those who are not prepared are doomed… That is why I started preppering about 2 years ago stocking up on food, household, personal supplies, books, etc… So to all the people who think Hawaii will not be affected by whatever another place is affected by would be totally wrong to believe that I sure hope you are stocked up and prepared because when the time comes you ain’t coming to my home…

    1. Joshua Livengood


      Do people really believe Hawaii isn’t affected by the rest of the country and the world? That would be silly. You are wise to prepare for an event.

      I am interested in your book list. Do you mind sharing it?


  3. Gloria

    Disturbing facts that will affect the Military here in Hawaii, as well as, creating civil unrest, since the cuts will affect the homeless benefits, WIC programs, mentally ill, low income housing and more. This will even affect our National Parks and many more programs, we are used to having access too.

  4. Lora

    I think that we will be screwed for awhile until people get used to new life here, but then we will be okay. I see too many people completely dependent on the government here, or people that are blissfully unaware of the goings on of the world and think nothing will ever happen.
    I think the best way to prepare is to have a network of people that you can work with to survive. I talk to all my neighbors to see who is interested in being on my “zombie apocalypse team”. If they find it humorous and we end up talking story about prepping, I know they are in. We have quite a few neighbors and friends that bring up prepping to US now, which is a nice change. A few of my friends have helped each other start gardens or build greenhouses, find chickens, and generally find new ways to be independent. My next big purchase will be solar because we are presently dependent on the grid. I think there are good and bad things about being geographically isolated, and for us it comes down to being humble enough to ask for help, generous enough to help others, and strong enough to fight back if we have to.

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